1. Don’t Be A Creep
One of the many complaints I hear girls say is that the guy is a creep. Trust me my fellow weebs you don’t want to be labeled a creep because once you’re labeled by their inner circle of friends BOOM yer done KID!! Move on! So that means no mentioning that you like lolis, nekomimis, that you like ero-guro. Just DON’T. This includes parasites and traps and anything in between.

2. Find out if you want a relationship

If you want a relationship make sure it’s that perfect otaku girl one that shares your interests and no i don’t mean the normies that go to the anime expo to use it as an excuse to dress up all scantily clad to get the attention of thousands of weeaboo virgins and then get you thrown out of the expo for accidentally taking a picture of one of this females while in reality you wanted to take a pic of a much superior 2D girl behind her. (story for another day) FUCK AX.

Get yourself a girl with the same interests as you and be nice. You’ll find someone eventually.

Read tip 3 if your just in it for sum fuk or wins.

3. Easy wins and casing the joint

Whether you are using Tinder or other dating sites to select your females. Here’s a great fucking tip no one knows about normie girls. If they have a Tumblr they probably have nudes on it. Okay hear me out most females are insecure so they get on the body positivity bandwagon on tumblr all you have to do is find their most common username that they always use. Be it a twitter handle, an old myspace account, Instagram username and so on. If you want to be bold you can ask them yourself. Another bonus of knowing their Tumblr is you can find out what they are into sexually who knows she could be into the same weird shit as you.

4. Before asking for a date

Find out if she is DTF find out what her other social media is like KIK make an account that would not trace back to you and ask her random questions that you would like to know and ask her if she’s into the same shit as you. Who knows you might score some wins if she likes you and you have a deep conversation. And if you fail to impress you have many chances to make that first impression count. You’re on your way to bonetown!!!!


5. The Moment of Truth

With the knowledge you have about her tell her what you want… セックス!!! (Sekkusu)

That’s right my fellow NEET’s if all else fails be bold!! Odds are someone want’s to have sex with your sorry ass. Other than that be smooth.

PS: Please Use a Condom