Alright guys and gals, I got a great story for ya. A story where a guy I knew fucked a gay burrito in Tijuana Mexico.

Picture this, it’s the summer of 2015 and my friend thought it would be a good a idea to go to Tijuana for the weekend. I was reluctant to go because I knew that TJ is a shit hole of a city riddled with drugs, crime, prostitutes, and the occasional pandering from Mexican blacks. After many hours my (friend) lets call him Chad, convinces me to go with him for $200.

Going to the Mexican/United States boarder never gets pleasant as you come in the smells of piss and shit burning up your sinuses, seeing the streets littered, hectic drivers, and taco questionable meat. Yup.. Typical Mexico…. Carefully avoiding the the number potholes that fill the streets. We made it to a Bar in the center making sure Chad doesn’t get stabbed by a stray Mexican while getting out of the car. Chad wastes no time ordering drinks. Guy orders 5 shots of Tequila and about 11 beers. Chad was wasted couldn’t control himself and started dancing and grabbing ass with the waitress. Chad some how gets some MDMA from that chick. Chad was hungry so he ordered a Burrito de Carnitas. The guy starts talking how great it would to fuck a Mexican chick. Burrito comes to our booth starts eating it puts it down, he unzips his pants and he starts fucking the burrito in front of everyone hiding what he was doing some what under the table long story short we get kicked out of the bar and I always remind Chad of the time that he fucked a Gay Burrito.

Sorry Chad – TheLongestStick