Hi guys how is it going!

So i got a Tenga Flip Hole to christmas and want to make a review about it, because if you search for a Tenga Flip Hole review you will mostly find guys that say that the thing is perfect, while it isn’t.

So, what do you get for your money?

You get the Tenga Flip Hole and three samples of lube, “mild”, “real” and “wild”. It’s actually a relatively good amount of lube, will all three combined, you could easily use it about 50 times or something like that.

[i bought my Tenga for 50€, but i know you can get it cheaper]

So, now to the feeling:

The inner texture is great, as you can probably tell by the picture, but something bothers me about it:

It is too much.

I mean you can’t barely feel the difference between the different structures, you just feel pleasure.

The lubricants are different from each other: Mild is the most viscous of the three of them, Wild the least, and Real is something in between.

The lubricants are pretty okay but the only one that is really good is the “real”-lube, it feels the best.

I actually was pretty disappointed at first, but after i tried out the “Real”-lube i was pretty satisfied actually.

What i am trying to say is, it’s not as good as everybody is saying it is, but it is quite okay.

The cleaning is easy, just use water (maybe even ph neutral soap) and thats it.

Overall i would give it a 76/100

Thanks for reading.

yours truly,


Flint Marxander Maxwell