Ever heard of Denpa? How about Confetto? If so, then get the fuck out of here!

This is for all those non-casual, Weeboos and Boku no Pico fanbois who lobe the animu, gundums and have a katatana collection(KatColle).

One of Confetti’s latest, if not, newest albums labeled “Replay!” is a mastapiece, rated in at normie/10 on my list of ratings.

I’ll be listing my top 5 tracks from this album in no specific order and a brief description as to why I chose them.

2. “Pink Panik!” I didn’t understand the title at first; I used Google translate, turns out it says “two feet of pink.” So naturally me being a white male thought “AHH that must be pussy, man I like pussy, that shit is kowai; I like this song.”

1. “世界征服!ちょうこうしゅつりょくでんぱそうしんきちきょく” This one I knew right off the bat that is was about world peace; I’ve been studying with my Rosetta Stones for a week now, so I know “世界” means world and “征服” means peace in yajanese. The beat compliments it too, it’s very calming and upbeat at times throughout the song. If your in a rage induced coma, this is the song for you.

8. “NEKO*CHEF -NEKO*CHIP PHQ-9 remix- (Remixed by PHQUASE)” I absolutely LOVE this one, but the Original is much better; I haven’t listened to it but, when has a sequel ever been better? This song is about a mental patient named Neeko who failed his PHQ-9; Neeko, a Masta Cheif aboard the Kongo-class DDG-173 Destroyer; He slowly descends into insanity and depression while traveling the 7 seas of Gargantia during the time of his service in the JGSDF.

5. “りぷれい!” A quick translation gets us “RapeLay!”. Now a lot of you should recognize this. Yes, the famous 2001 military non-fiction first-person slice-of-life rape game developed by Illusion and published by Interactive entertainment for those who wanted to know a useless fact. As the first game of the franchise, it was released as a launch title for the Windows OS, and is considered the platform’s “killer app”. More than five million copies were sold worldwide by November 2001.

All in all, by far the top album to date. Surpassing Daft Punk’s latest single “Random Access Memories” in sales and as the most anticipated in 2017, Later going on to win the “Kids’ Choice Wannabe Award” at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards last Fall.

Limited copy of the Kids’ Choice Awards was bundled with a bonus song “Three 4 Pinky” performed by Chloe Lang(Stephanie) from Nickelodeons’ LazyTown

Reasons to listen to this album:

13 amazing tracks

Helps with the raged induced comas

Tribute to “RapeLay!”

A must have for every weeaboo

Comes with free metaphysical glitter bombs